#5in4: frequently asked Questions

What are the working hours?

Starting from the 4th of February, full time staff will work 9.5 hours a day with one hour for lunch. For part time staff we have made an arrangement for 4 days in 3 which mean 10 hours days – some of these can be worked from home.

Is there flexibility in how these hours are worked?

Yes we have agreed working hours can be between 7.30 – 20.00 with core hours for all the team to be from 9.30 – 18.00.

We have suggested that on one day a week, Thursdays, we all work till 20.00 to give us a quiet time for discussion and enough time to complete everything that needs to be completed before the long weekend.

How will you deal with holidays/bank holiday/sickness/domestic leave?

This is tricky because these are worked on 7.5 hour days so all have to be pro-rata to a 9.5 hour day.

We have devised an excel table to help us.

Did you consult the clients and other consultants and collaborators?

No, we haven’t yet, but we will do so throughout the 3 months trial period. Sometimes you just have to do it to really test it. We are taking steps to reduce disruption to clients by being available on the phone all Friday. We will pay towards staff phone bills in recognition of this flexibility.

Did everyone at BLA agree to the trial period?

Yes, as a team we discussed this proposal all throughout January until we were happy with all the various aspects. We feel that we might be onto something good here. But we are also mindful that each one of us is at a different stage of life and that this might not work for all of us – that is why we are only trialing it for three months and then we will review it. We will also all blog about how we are finding it and we will invite our partners to give their view too.


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